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Your Happy Dog Coach


Your Happy Dog Coach

Your Happy Dog Coach is the newest Professional Pet Dog Trainer in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. In addition to my business site, this is also a really great website for resources, not only with personally written articles, but a plethora of accessible content and resource section (just to toot my own horn, here).

If you are looking:

 to learn more about what your pet dog needs
 to build a strong bond, and a companionship with your dog
 for a relationship with your dog filled with trust and mutual respect

This is the place for you!

Within this website, you will find information about:

  What being Force Free means
  Why reinforcements work
  Science-based training
  Education & Resources
  Thoughtful, easy to understand, personally written articles

Why Work With Me?

When choosing Your Happy Dog Coach, you get:

  A customized training plan, specifically created for your dog and your family
  Regular check-ins between visits
  Availability for questions and problem solving, based on your training plan
  Games to play with your dog to promote bonding & meet your personal goals
  And more!

"10/10! You were professional but also showing your love of animals was great, together with your enthusiasm. Every question or problem we encountered, you had a solution for, even if we just dropped the problem on you while you were here. We enjoyed watching you work with our pup, she responded so well to your methods. Your excellent personality made it easy for her, and us, to learn in a very enjoyable way."
Fear Free Certified Professional Trainer Your Happy Dog Coach client Testimony Yarmouth Nova Scotia Photo by Erik Mclean:

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