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Websites, YouTube & A Bonus

Websites, YouTube & A Bonus

This is the space where you will find easily clickable links on some of YHDC’s favorite free online resources

“Wait… you’re a Professional Dog Trainer and you have free resources listed on your website?”

Yes, yes I do. Because I wasn’t always a dog trainer, and I’ve been a dog owner/guardian for a couple of decades. I really wish that I had known then what I know now, but there was no way I could afford the prices of professional trainers. So, instead, I watched shows about dog training and did what they did. Now that I know better, I can do better.

It wasn’t an easy decision on what price tag to put on helping people live happy lives with their happy dogs. I really want to help all dogs be happy with their humans.
I charge what I charge because my time, education, and training is valuable

But, because I’ve been there, I know that there are people who have dogs that love and adore them. People who want what’s best for their whole dog, physically, mentally and emotionally, and are willing to put the work in, but just absolutely can not afford a professional price.

So if this is you, this section is for you. I am not a content creator (if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll see my non-content creator reels), so all I can do is find the best of the best and share those with you, so you don’t have to weed through the Cesar Millan’s of the internet.


Happy Dog Coach has compiled a list of recommended websites that offer some free training resources:


YouTube is an amazing resource for learning the ins and outs of many subjects, and dog training is one of them. There is so much conflicting information out there, so it’s difficult to weed through and know what is best for you and your dog. Your Happy Dog Coach has collected some of our favorite, science-based trainer channels here for easy convenience.



This is an entirely free and online group of interviews with some of the world’s most well known science-based trainers. Dog and human welfare take centre stage in these easy & immediately accessible video recorded interviews. They also offer a Facebook Group where you can join to share your feedback, ask questions and connect with other dog guardians. It is geared towards reactive dogs, however, all dog guardians can benefit from these recorded interviews. I highly recommended signing up.
It is advertised for February 2024, however, you can sign up at any time, it’s never too late to learn more from 30+ World Leading Experts.

Here are the experts and real dog owners that have shared their wisdom, stories and solutions:

Overcoming and Preventing Reactive Behaviour with dog reactivity and canine empowerment expert Grisha Stewart


Training as a Learning Opportunity with Zak George, who is famous for his YouTube channel “the Dog Training Revolution”

Going Beyond Stigma & Myths with world renowned aggression in dogs expert Michael Shikashio


Reactivity and Life Lessons with multiple agility world champion Susan Garrett, famous for her game based approach to dog training

Dog-Centered Care with certified animal behaviour expert and psychologist
Andrew Hale

Mastering Recall and Managing Reactivity with veterinarian and dog trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar, trailblazer in the world of dog training

Exploring Reactivity in Dog Sports with world-renowned dog trainer and top level dog sport competitor Kamal Fernandez 


Do No Harm Dog Training with psychologist Linda Michaels, creator of the internationally acclaimed Hierarchy of Dog Needs


Discover the Soul of Your Canine Companion through Functional Character Assessment with zoologist, conservation biologist, and shamanic practitioner, Dr. Isla Fishburn

Helping your reactive dog with Tellington Ttouch with Robyn Hood, Senior Instructor of the Tellington TTouch® Method, an innovative approach to canine care developed by her sister, Linda Tellington

A new perspective on dog behaviour with applied ethologist Kim Brophey author of “Meet Your Dog: the Game-Changing Guide to Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior”

Reactivity, Therapy, and Personal Growth with Jess Adams, a licensed therapist and reactive dog owner whose unique perspective blends therapeutic insights with personal experiences of living with a reactive dog

The Art of Holistic Dog Grooming with Stephanie Zikmann, the innovative founder of the Holistic Grooming Academy, where dog welfare comes before aesthetics


Click to Calm with Canine Behavior Training Consultant and reactive dog owner Emma Parsons 


The Link between Pain and Behaviour with Julia Robertson, world-renowned expert, pioneer and leader in Canine Myotherapy


Dog Walks aren’t Everything with dog trainer, behaviourist and reactive dog owner Nikki French, author of “Stop Walking Your Dog”.


Hidden pain in Dogs with Integrative Veterinarian Dr Edward Bassingthwaite who developed Whole Energy Body Balance™ a Neuro-fascial Bodywork and Energywork treatment for pets.

Nutrition, Behavior, and the Power of Microbes with Integrative Veterinarian and Dog Nutrition expert Dr Meghan Barrett


Reactivity and Prey Drive with Tracey McLennan the UK’s go-to expert in prey drive.


Reactivity in Agility with top international agility competitor, agility judge and canine yoga instructor Leanne Williams

Real World Empathetic Approaches to Dog Reactivity with psychologist and dog behaviour specialist Anushree Thammanna 


Working WITH your dog’s instincts not against with gun dog experts Monica Hauan, Thomas Stokker, and Astrid Weider Ellefsen

Insights and Inspiration with animal trainer, agility coach and musician Laura Maulbetsch 

Avoiding Reactivity through Ethical Breeding with breeder Rebecca Walters who is committed to changing the dog breeding industry for good

Reactivity in Blind, Deaf Dogs with Deb Bauer, international expert in working with blind, deaf, and blind/deaf dogs

Insights from Street Dogs in India with free roaming dog behaviour expert Sowjanya Vijayanagar

The Power of Mindset with dog sport performance coach Hélène Lawler 


Shelter Dogs and Reactivity with shelter behaviour specialist Tom Candy


Navigating Dog Agility with a Reactive Dog with expert dog trainer, agility judge, and world-level competitor Cathy Slot

Animal-Centered Education with holistic dog behaviour expert Janet Finlay


Human – Dog Relationship with ethologist and applied psychologist Alexa Capra


From Challenges to Emotional Growth with dog training and behaviour experts Dr Barbara Paterson & Julia Hawkins