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Network Of Pup Professionals

Network Of Pup Professionals

For humans who love dogs and want to help them and their humans, the dog training industry can be pretty… dramatic. There are battles between Balanced Trainers vs Compulsion Trainers vs Positive Reinforcement Trainers, and people in between.

There’s also always been sort of a “Don’t choose them, choose me!” mindset of competition among trainers within a geographical area.

I’ll be honest, I’m not very good at confrontation, so when it comes to battling against someone for clients, I just say

No Thanks.

Instead of Competition, I’d really like to focus on Collaboration! (I can’t take credit for that, I borrowed it from another trainer, with their permission!)

Quite honestly, if I truly want to help as many dogs as possible, I’m going to want that collaboration. There are enough dogs and guardians who need help out there, we don’t need to compete against each other, let’s just all work together to make sure every dog and every guardian is happy & successful in their goals!!

We all have our own little niches, education and experiences, so the more heads we can put together to help dogs, the better, right?!

Therefore I am happy to put together this network of dog professionals who I would use myself.

It’s just a little baby network for now, but I will update it as my connections and collaborations grow!

First up:

Other Trainers

In this section, you will find local trainers who I have talked to extensively, and have gotten support from.  These are people I recommend because I’ve talked to them and collaborated with them previously, and I would trust them with my own dogs (which is a HUGE compliment because I don’t leave my dogs with anyone!)

A little bit of a drive in Liverpool, Sara has been an amazing ally and support for me in this trainers journey. She has a ton of credentials, from Karen Pryor, Grisha Stewart, Victoria Stillwell, Michael Shikashio and more… and keeps on collecting trainer training!

Specializing in a deeply mindful connection with your dog, not only as a pet guardian, but also as a human, there is nobody I would recommend more than Miranda at The Mindful Canine. She is just outside of Bridgewater but works virtually with reactive pups and their guardians so they can live their best, most connected mindful lives together.

Kylie is over in Shelburne and is also collecting quite the array of credentials on her dog trainer journey as well! Not only that, but she also does agility and conformation! 

As a bonus, she makes gorgeous pup-bandanas!

Board and Trains are not my thing, but if it were, Destiny at KindK9 in Coldbrook is where I think I’d go. We are a part of a few of the same Dog Professional Trainer Associations and I’m happy to have connected with her. (She gets the credit for “Collaboration over Competition” tagline!)

Cindy from All About The Dog is the only Canine Good Neighbor Evaluator as well as a Therapy Dog evaluator through St John’s Ambulance.

This is a placeholder for now because Jenny just moved to the area this month, but coming soon: a Service Dog Trainer in the area! 

This is incredibly exciting news!

Jenny and I have spoken extensively and I’m confident she will be a great resource for the area!

Fear Free Certified Professionals

These are people found on the Fear Free Pets directory, so I know they’ve taken a course and passed the exam (I haven’t… yet. But it’s in the works, so stay tuned for that announcement!) These will be Veterinarians, Vet Techs, groomers or trainers. Unfortunately there are not many in the area at this time.

The Professionals listed here have been found on the Fear Free Pets website under their Certified Fear Free Professionals Directory

Fear Free Logo Your Happy Dog Coach Yarmouth Nova Scotia Trainer

Veterinarians In The Area

I thought it might be useful to have a general list of Veterinarians for anyone who may be looking. I don’t think anyone is accepting clients currently, unfortunately, but if you’re looking, it doesn’t hurt to check in!

*It’s worth noting that Evangeline Animal Hospital seems to be the only up to date website. If anyone has information, additions, or closures that should be updated on here, please Contact Me to let me know and I’ll edit this page as soon as I can.

It seems as though Parade Street Animal Hospital has three locations, as listed on their website.

I have included all three, although I will leave it up to you to verify.

Rescues and Shelters

If you’re looking to adopt (or even better, become a much needed foster home for a pet in need), this is the section will be for you… once I do my due diligence and make a proper list!