Your Happy Dog Coach
Services Offered

Services Offered

At this time, I am only offering customized packages with three options:

  • in your home
  • in a public space
  • virtually
PLEASE NOTE: In-Home sessions are only available within 85km of YHDC’s location in Darlings Lake, NS. Virtual or Public Meetings will be available if client is located outside of these geographical boundaries.
The prices of my services reflect the personalized programming and planning of your family’s specific needs.
Included in all services:
  • check-ins between our meetings to help cheer you on and problem solve, so you and your dog can be successful in meeting your goals
  • travel times and associated costs, if applicable
  • personalized prep-work, hand-outs, information packages
  • a 30 minute pre-registration call to discuss your specific needs and goals before committing to a program.
I am here to support you.

The best time to set your dog up for success is before they come home… the second best time is now! Your Happy Dog Coach offers a unique service…

More than obedience, your dog needs Life Skills. Your Happy Dog Coach helps you teach your dog boundaries, and manners first and foremost, which helps deepen your bond…

There’s nothing quite like seeing your kids grow up with the love of a dog. Your Happy Dog Coach helps ensure your children and dog stay safe and become the best of friends…

Some dogs react to other dogs by barking, lunging, or pulling on the leash. Your Happy Dog Coach understands these struggles and sets up some great practice sessions to help…


One thing we always need to remember is that I am your coach. I am here to give you the tools that you need to help create a special relationship, a connected bond with your dog. This is the foundation for anything you want your dog to learn how to do (or not to do)! Your results are directly correlated to the the amount of time, effort, and practice that you put in with your dog. This will make all the difference in being successful in everything you and your dog learn to do together. I am here to support you!