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Books and Podcasts

Books and Podcasts


I will only share books if I’ve read them myself and found value in them… so this list is short, for now, but will grow as I grow as a trainer/coach.,them%20and%20read%20it%20immediately.
This book has a plethora of dog body language drawings. My kids especially love this book.
This is a really informative book that goes into detail about how genetics of a breed play a part in their behaviour.
I'm currently reading this book and it's a really informative and easy read.
Each photo of a book has a link to where it can be purchased. 

Note: I get nothing from sharing these, they are not endorsements, I am just sharing because I truly found them useful.


Honestly, there are not enough hours in the day for me to listen to all of the dog training related podcasts that I want to listen to!
But for now, here are some of my current favorites, and their Spotify Links


There are many things that can help your dog be the most successful at, well, life.
I plan go into greater detail about these in blog posts, but for now, I’ll just list a few, with links to get you more information about them: