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Invest In A Package

Invest In A Package

Hurray, you’ve decided to invest in a lifetime of happiness with your dog!

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PLEASE NOTE: In-Home sessions are only available within 85km of YHDC's location in Darlings Lake, NS. Public Meetings will be available within this radius if the client is located outside of this geographical boundary.

The Client Intake form will give me all of the necessary information I will need to work with your family and your dog.

There are two options to filling out the Client Intake Form:

  1. We can go over it together at the end of your Complimentary Pre-Registration call, or
  2. You can open the PDF version by clicking the “Client Intake Form” button above, filling it out with text boxes and highlights, and then saving and mailing it directly to me at

Alternatively, we can wait and fill the Client Intake Form at our first meeting, but if it can be filled out before our first meeting, it will ensure that we can get started with your customized training plan right away!

Returning Clients

I have had a few requests to have add on sessions rather than a four week package and after some consideration, I am happy to offer hourly visits to returning clients to have a refresher or work on something new and small. 



One thing we always need to remember is that I am your coach. I am here to give you the tools that you need to help create a special relationship, a connected bond with your dog. This is the foundation for anything you want your dog to learn how to do (or not to do)! Your results are directly correlated to the the amount of time, effort, and practice that you put in with your dog. This will make all the difference in being successful in everything you and your dog learn to do together. I am here to support you!