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Greeting Manners Practice

Greeting Manners Practice

Greeting Manners Practice

These will be in person practice sessions with set dates and times once there is enough interest in the community

Sometimes you might find you have a dog that doesn’t really like other dogs… or children, or people… or people with hats… or people who are loud.

It can be really embarrassing and isolating to have a dog that barks at other beings (I know, I have one of those too!)

You get a dog and dream of taking long walks on the beach or on the trails with them, but it’s so stressful not knowing if you’re going to see some one, or if they’ll have a dog.

Will your dog bark at them?


Luckily, I’ve had some experience working with these kinds of dogs… her name is Kitchi and she’s the reason I became a dog trainer!

Dog who is happy but is a reactive dog who barks and lunges towards other dogs and sometimes people

Kitchi and I had an amazing trainer who helped give us the opportunity to practice seeing her triggers in a safe, pre-planned environment. 

And now I get to share these skills with you!

This will not be a program, exactly.
When you sign up for Greeting Manners Practice, I will meet with you virtually (in person if you’d prefer, although at an additional cost) and we will discuss the game plan. 
I will give you some homework, things to read, videos to watch, and practice to do.
Then you will be able to join any or all of the regularly scheduled practices. 

Please let me know ahead of time via my contact form if you plan to attend a practice as I will need to ensure to have enough walkie talkies – that way we can all communicate with each other without getting too close, and I can give each of you real time feedback as I observe each team of dogs and humans. 

There will be a max of 3 dogs per session.

Please Note:  Although I have a reactive dog, I do not specialize in Reactivity at this time.
If you have a dog that requires a little more help than this practice with me, I do have an amazing network of trainers who I can refer you to, that help you and your dog work through their reactivity.
There is help for you & your dog out there, I can help connect you.

There is absolutely zero cost for a consultation call and a referral.
Please reach out to get the help you & your dog deserve.

Investment in Greeting Manners Practice

$20 per Practice