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Family Awareness – Kids & Dogs

Family Awareness – Kids & Dogs

Family Awareness - Kids & Dogs

Available in your home or in a meeting area, depending on location.
If you have a class or group of children that would like to learn about doggy body language, please send me a message through my Contact form!

This is a two class session where I will meet with you and your kids and talk about the kind of relationship they want with their dog or puppy.

As a former Early Childhood Educator, I am not only familiar with child development, but I am also able to understand what is a realistic expectation for them at their age and developmental level. (Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty great talking to children and explaining things at a their developmental level! Toot Toot.)

Us parents will also discuss ways to ensure the safety of your children and your dogs, as well as ways to foster their relationship with each other in appropriate ways.

We will cover:
  • boundaries
  • safety
  • games: these are the best way for your children to bond with their dog while playing
  • doggy body language: we’ll talk about what dog body language means and then play “eye spy” and “mirror” games
  • body language for humans that can help calm dogs down
  • and more!
Investment in Family Awareness – Kids & Dogs

$160 per family

In the meantime, please take a moment to look over my article on Babies and Dogs.


One thing we always need to remember is that I am your coach. I am here to help give you the tools that you need to create a bond and have a great relationship with your dog… and it is the amount of time, effort and practice that you put in will be the difference in you and your dog being successful in everything you do together.