Your Happy Dog Coach
Puppy Prep-School

Puppy Prep-School

Puppy Prep-School

Available virtually or in your home, depending on location.
Includes four meetings with Your Happy Dog Coach, plus the Pre-Registration call before commitment

Bringing a puppy home is so exciting!

They are the cutest, silliest little balls of love and energy, and we just want to give them all of our attention and cuddles.

The first 20 weeks of a puppy’s life is a crucial period of their development, so it is imperative for Puppy Guardians to have the best tools they can in order to have wonderful adult dog companions in the future (that’s the goal, right?).

Unlike any other puppy course around,
I will not teach you obedience with your pup…
not right away, anyway.


What I will do is be there for you before you bring your puppy home.
Crazy, I know, but our first meeting will ideally happen before you even have your puppy in your arms. This way, 
I can help you create a safe area for your puppy to be successful, starting the day you bring them home! 

If you already brought your puppy home, that’s ok too!
The best time to get started may be before your puppy comes home, but the second best time to get started is right now

(Just so you know, if you choose home visits instead of virtual, it will be totally judgment free, trust me on that!)

We will cover:
  • Puppy Necessities – You want to buy them all the things, but which things are safe, which things are useful, and which are absolutely necessary? I’ll help you figure that out!
  • Puppy Proofing – One of the easiest ways to keep your puppy safe, and prevent any unwanted habits from forming in the first place, is puppy proofing the area where they’ll be… and bonus: it also helps with potty training!
  • Tools – Do you really need a harness? How do you know what a good fit is? What about bedding? we will go over all of the equipment that you need
  • Crates – To crate or not to crate? Let’s go over your lifestyle and figure out what’s best for your family and your puppy.
  • What to expect – Puppies will need some time to decompress and adjust, but you also want to make sure you’re socializing them properly. I’ll help you figure out the routine that will work best for your family.
  • Children – Having your child grow up with your puppy is one of the sweetest things you’ll ever see. I’ll give you the tips and boundaries you’ll need to make sure their relationship is successful, safe, and pain & fear free.
  • Husbandry – Let’s talk about ways you’ll make your puppy’s life easier when it comes to grooming and vet care.
  • Breed information – We will go over what kind of innate behaviours your specific puppy might show, and what sort of enrichment they’ll need to help keep those behaviours in check (so that you don’t lose as many shoes as you might otherwise!)
  • Body language – I’ll give you a proverbial (and a physical) cheat sheet to learn what your dog is trying to tell you when they don’t speak your language. I’ll help you understand theirs!
  • Enrichment – We’ll talk about what it is, why it’s important, and how you can ensure your puppy is getting it.
  • Common issues – We will go over the common issues most puppies have and how to react to them. Things like nipping/biting/mouthing (all normal, natural puppy behaviours that we can plan for). 

Notice that all of these have nothing to do with obedience?
Puppies need life skills before they need to learn how to sit, stay and heel…
Your Happy Dog Coach goes beyond all of those.

Based on your goals with your dog, we will still absolutely work on whatever obedience tools you would like your dog to have. You are in control of what you want to learn about (and with) your puppy. As a bonus, we’ll learn how to teach all of the things your pup needs to learn in fun, engaging, ways. Most of them will even be games you play together!

As I mentioned above, the goal is to have an amazing companion for many years to come.
One of the secrets to having a great adult dog is to have consistency with your puppy.
Another secret is to start early. 

Everyone in the home should be consistent and have the same “rules”, so your puppy will always know what to expect and what is expected of them. This means that everyone that the puppy will spend a lot of time should know how to handle any and all puppy issues in the same way.  Therefore, all of those humans are welcomed, and encouraged, to join us for these visits. There is no “master” here, just an additional relationship with the newest, fuzziest member of your family.

Investment in Puppy Prep-School 



One thing we always need to remember is that I am your coach. I am here to help give you the tools that you need to create a bond and have a great relationship with your dog… and it is the amount of time, effort and practice that you put in will be the difference in you and your dog being successful in everything you do together.