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Life Skills 101

Life Skills 101

Life Skills 101

Available for sessions in your home, virtually or in a public location.
Including consultation call, four weekly meetings, mid-week checkins, and a customized training plan for you & your dog.

Did you know that puppyhood only lasts for the first six months? After that, your pup is considered an adolescent. 

Maybe you’ve worked really hard with your puppy and they’re the perfect adolescent dog… but probably not. That’s not on you, adolescents come with their own set of challenges. Whether you’ve had your pup since they were 10 weeks old, or you’ve just adopted a 2 year old dog, there is always room for improvement.

Life skills 101 is exactly what this is for. 

Over the four weeks of this program, we will work on all of the life skills your dog needs. 

We will work on the most important tools your dog will need:

  • recall
  • boundary training (there’s nothing scarier than a dog bolting out an open door… I’ve been there!)
  • how to do proper greetings with people, children, and with other dogs
  • working on “place”
  • loose leash walking
  • confidence building
  • basic canine body language
  • enrichment – what it is, why it’s important, and how can we facilitate it
  • Client’s choice: If there is anything we haven’t covered or something you specifically want to work on, we can plan for that!
Investment in Life Skills 101 



One thing we always need to remember is that I am your coach. I am here to help give you the tools that you need to create a bond and have a great relationship with your dog… and it is the amount of time, effort and practice that you put in will be the difference in you and your dog being successful in everything you do together.